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Patricia Dunlea

School Photographer

School Photographer will visit on Monday 21st Sept. Photographer will wear mask, stay more than 2m from pupils, take photographs outside and only take single pupil photos. He will have to produce a Return To Work (R.T.W.) form on Mon morning to ensure he is free from symptoms of Covid & has completed Covid training. For Jun Infants & 6th Class single pupils shots may be joined together to produce… Read More »School Photographer

Building Works

Building works on Farrells Warehouse opposite school will begin soon. When finished it will be our Senior School of 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Classes. In the short term it will be a building site. From Mon 21st Sept please drop/collect all pupils on the our Junior School side of the road. There will be No Parking in Farrells yard / East Coast Alloys as it is unsafe to have… Read More »Building Works

Covid-19 Advice Leaflet

Covid-19 Advice Leaflet (H.S.E) for parents on when to send child/ren to school or keep at home in pupil lunch boxes/bags today. Also H.S.E. Isolation Quick Guide. Please keep safely & refer to when/if unsure what to do.

Text to Parents

Thank you for your co-operation with school drop off/pick up times. Pupils have all settled in & now know where they need to go. We do not need to have the staggered times any more. Just make sure pupils know to walk in apart from others to their classes. Staff will continue to collect pupils from & return to the gate. Those who have more than one drop off/pick up… Read More »Text to Parents

Text to Parents

We are delighted to welcome everyone back to school today. All our children have settled well into their new classes and are happy to see their friends again. Thank you for your co-operation in keeping physical distancing at drop off and pick up times. We were very happy with how smoothly everything went today.

Covid 19 Return to School information for Parents

All classrooms have been set up to allow as much spacing & airflow as possible. Everything has been deep cleaned. Another full deep clean will take place on Monday. We look forward to welcoming our pupils back on Tuesday 1st September. We have small class numbers ( teens or low 20’s ) in classrooms large enough for 35 plus pupils so we have plenty of space. We look forward to… Read More »Covid 19 Return to School information for Parents

Revised Frequently Asked Questions

There is a recently revised ( yesterday) section of Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s) on to school which provides much information and gives many answers to common concerns some people may have. It is worth a look.