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about us.

Ardee Educate Together National School is an equality-based, co-educational, democraticallyrun and child-centred national school based in Ardee, Co .Louth. Ardee Educate Together National School is state-funded and teaches the National Curriculum. It is a non-fee-paying school that is open to students of all backgrounds. The mission of the school is to grow and expand and serve the needs of families that choose the ethos of Educate Together. The school is successfully striving for a growing and vibrant future.


Educate Together Ethos

Vision Statement – Learn Together to Live Together.

Mission Statement – No Child an Outsider.

The 4 Key Principles:


All children having equal rights of access to the school, and children of all social, cultural and religious backgrounds being equally respected.


Committed to encouraging all children to explore their full range of abilities and opportunities.

Child Centred

in their approach to education.

Democratically Run

Democratically Run with active participation by parents in the life of the school, whilst positively affirming the professional role of the teachers in areas where the demand for such a school exists.

The Learn Together Programme

An ethical education curriculum for Educate Together Schools.

The 4 Key Strand Units:

Moral & Spiritual
Equality & Justice
Belief Systems
Ethics & Environment